Shutterstock Has Launched Its Generative AI Image Tool These language tutors can offer instant feedback and correction, allowing learners to improve their language skills in a more interactive and dynamic environment. Early indications are that it’s spreading like an out of control Australian wildfire. The Futurepedia website currently lists over 700 new AI applications which have exploded onto the market over the past six months. It’s perfect for Joe or […]


This process is an integral part of many financial institutions’ activities. Like multiple other tasks connected with document processing, mortgage lending is severely time-consuming. RPA in banks can substitute a range of manual jobs in this procedure, including loan initiation, data processing, quality control, and more. Ultimately, companies will accelerate task completion and drive customer satisfaction. RPA in banks includes solutions that aim to automate monotonous, high-volume, routine business procedures […]


The Arrival of Robotics in the Food Industry You can now serve someone else by renting them your room on AirBnB, giving them an Uber ride in your free time, or renting them your power tools. Information technology is expanding our capacity to serve each other by performing new kinds of delivery and freelance work in the “gig economy”. If Elon Musk is right, in the next 10–30 years, advances […]